Angel Readings

There are individuals who truly love letting the universe guide them by connecting with its energy. Count me in! Oracle readings are highly intuitive and provide guidance for your inquiries. Tammy lets spirit guide her in selecting the decks for your readings, which may include Angel Tarot cards, oracle cards, or a mix of both.

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Love & Relationships

Life or Life Purpose

Numerology and Angel Numbers

Angel numerology is the belief that angels communicate messages and guidance to us through numbers. According to this belief, each number holds a specific meaning and significance, and when we repeatedly see certain sequences of numbers, known as angel numbers, it is a sign that angels are trying to convey a message or provide guidance to us. People who follow angel numerology often interpret these numbers based on their unique meanings and apply them to their lives for spiritual insight and direction.

What to look forward to in an angel numerology reading: In an angel numerology consultation, you can expect to receive a detailed description of your numerology life path, expression, heart's desire, and personality numbers. Additionally, your personal month and year numbers will be calculated, offering a roadmap for receiving angelic guidance and insights throughout the course of the next 12 months. This examination of your numerology profile, coupled with the guidance provided by the angelic realm, will serve as a valuable resource to navigate and understand the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead on your spiritual journey.

Numerology & Angel Numbers

Receive your personalized numerology report featuring Life Path, Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality numbers as well as your personal year and month numbers, along with angelic guidance for each month over the next 12 months.


Angel Card Reading

30 Minutes

Phone or Internet

Receive divine guidance through the use of Oracle or Tarot cards to provide answers to your questions from the angelic realm.


Angel Card Reading

45 Minutes

Phone or Internet

Receive divine guidance through the use of Oracle or Tarot cards to provide answers to your questions from the angelic realm.


Why should you get a reading from Tammy?

  • She is highly intuitive & also draws from life experiences to offer guidance.

  • She has been connecting with spirit since she lost her youngest son in 2014. He works with her from the other side.

  • She has learned from some of the best in the biz - Radleigh Valentine, Kyle Gray and Courtney Long as well as being a graduate of the Intuitive Guidance program at SWIHA.

  • What people are saying about readings they received. A recent one from Beatriz R. says "Wow she was spot on. It’s the messages I keep hearing, so it feels good to confirm the good feelings I have about my future. I would definitely recommend!"

  • Jo G. said this about her Numerology and Angel Number reading:
    "Tammy did an angel numbers reading for me and wow it was amazing!!! The first month was to pay attention so I did and so many awarenesses and a big break thru happened for me. I had been asking for answers and here it was. I am super excited for the rest of the months to come as well as what angels to call upon each month for support. If you want to have some fun with the angels have Tammy do a reading for you- you won’t regret it!"

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